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Foreign Brides versus Western Brides

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Understand why foreign brides are ideal lifetime partners.

International dating has given single men the chance to find love across the globe. But why do they have to? What is the reason behind the rise of the number of men who sign up for online dating sites? As of 2015, there has been a 17% increase of interracial marriages in the US. One of the reasons for this is that more and more men are aware of the qualities of foreign women that they yearn to find foreign brides.

Learning different sets of values is one of the perks of dating foreign women. This is one of the reasons western men are attracted to them. Their culture and upbringing make them ideal brides, something that men who sign up for online dating sites do not find in women in their own community. Here are the top reasons why more and more men are finding a foreign girlfriend:

  • Family oriented
    Asian, Latin American, and European women have been nurtured in homes where family is the most important thing in their lives. In everything they do, they put their families first. This is a notable characteristic of foreign women, which proves that foreign brides are ideal. Men who dream of building a family search for foreign women because they know that they will be a good homemaker and wife.
  • Less maintenance
    You do not have to worry about foreign women for they can take care of themselves. They may always look extravagant, but they do not ask anything from someone else. Grand gestures of affection are also not necessary. They may enjoy a little token from time to time, but they would not demand for it. When dating a foreign woman, you don’t have to bend over backwards just to please her.
  • Open-minded
    No matter how old you are or how you look, foreign women do not care. So you do not need to worry about being good enough. As long as you are serious with your intentions and would commit into a long-term relationship, then there is always a foreign woman willing to marry you.

Wedding Traditions of Foreign Women

Since you have been dreaming of marrying a foreign woman, you should be aware that there are also different wedding cultures and traditions. Depending on the country your foreign bride is from, you should start researching about the things they do in every wedding. To save you time, we have prepared some important wedding traditions you should know:

Meeting the Parents

Before you plan to marry a foreign woman, you must be prepared to face her parents. Asking for their daughter’s hand is a form of respect, and getting their blessing is what you need to do to have a smooth start. This will also make it easier for you to get along with the rest of their family.

Some countries have different ways in asking for the family’s blessing. The Filipinos practice pamamanhikan, which is usually a grandiose lunch or dinner with all of the woman’s family members together.

The Chinese families follow the tradition of guo da li, a betrothal gift ceremony. This is the time both families would meet two to four weeks before the wedding. The man’s family presents gifts of even numbers that represent fertility and prosperity to the woman’s family.

In Latin America, you can go to your future bride’s house and bring liquor, bread, and fruits to her father. You can ask her hand in marriage by getting on one knee.

Ukrainian families do the same thing, yet Ukrainian fathers are more strict when it comes to their daughters. For you to be sure on what to do, say, or bring, ask your foreign bride ahead.

The Wedding Day

During the wedding day, traditions are still followed. Although there are some gimmicks and styles, some of the old ways are still practiced.

In a Filipino wedding for example, the couple’s first dance is where the money is, literally. The families and guests would be pinning money on the clothes of the bride and groom while they are dancing.

The Latin Americans pretty much have the same concept, only that at night, Latinos party hard and everyone starts dancing. Ukrainian wedding traditions are kind of unique. Before the wedding, there would be a fun role-playing game. The bride would be taken and hidden by the bridesmaids, so the groom should pay the ransom to get her back. The bridesmaids would trick the groom by giving him someone dressed like his bride. He should be paying more until the bridesmaids get satisfied to give him his real bride back.

The Chinese wedding ceremony is also unique and lavish. Part of their culture is for the bride to wear a red dress and a red veil, although she can change later on (some brides change up to four dresses). The ceremony involves both of the families drinking tea. The couple will then be given a red envelope with money and jewelry. There will be a feast after the ceremony.

These wedding traditions are part of what you should know when meeting foreign women. Know more about foreign women and where to find wife material through Date International. Sign up with us today and start finding foreign brides!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!